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Please complete all appropriate sections but insert the words 'Free Entry' in the 'Directions', 'Services' and 'Notes' sections so we don't send you an invoice and so you can be listed on the site free of charge.
Please complete all appropriate sections including full directions to your establishment and the services you provide. Please insert in the NOTES section if you want the Bronze, Silver or Gold Listing so we can email you regarding sending us the additional information we require.
Annual Prices (inc. vat)
Bronze Listing - £20.00
Silver Listing - £40.00
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Large picture on home page £75.00
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2. Send cheque made payable to 'J & S. Stott' to J & S Stott Ltd, Beech Hill House, Witherslack, Cumbria LA11 6RH (please include the name and address of your establishment so we can tie the two together and insert your entry)
3. Request an invoice for payment.
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IMPORTANT: Please insert here if you want the FREE, BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD Listing so we know how much to invoice you for and so we can contact you with an account number that will help us handle and match up all the additional information such as pictures you will be sending us. Thank you for your help -
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Filling in the form

Fields marked * are required to be completed.

Select a business type and use the business description to refine the business type ie: restaurant (English, Indian, Chinese, Italian etc. with or without a take away), fish and chip shop, take-away only (and type), hotel or pub with or without a restaurant, guest house, bistro etc.

The email address entered on the form will be the address displayed on If you want to use a different email address for administration purposes then please enter it in the 'Notes' field. If you are using someone elses email address and do not wish the address to be listed then tell us in the 'Notes' field.

Within the standard pricing structure you can have your business listed against two motorway junctions ie: M6 Junction 35 and M6 Junction 36 where a business lies between two junctions or, M6 junction 1 and M1 Junction 20 where a business lies on a link road between motorways.

Directions should be clear and concise from each motorway junction giving road numbers, signs, notable landmarks and approximate distances.

If you require a link direct into your own web site then please complete the link section exactly including the http. If you are not sure what it is open your web site on the internet and copy and paste the URL address.

The 'what services do you provide' field is where you tell us what your business is like and what services you provide. Please remember to include such items as if pets and children are welcome, disabled facilities, parking, outside facilities, opening times and local attractions if appropriate.

(free entries are added at our discretion depending upon the type and number of 'enhanced' entries at your distance on the junction)
Terms and Conditions.